”It’ll be magical to play with Mats”

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Jonas Björkman confirmed for Svaneholm Open – ATP Champions Tour 2019.

– It’ll be fantastic. This is a dream coming true for me, Björnman says.
Jonas Björkman is joining Mats Wilander in the Swedish team at Svaneholm Open, the first ever Nations Tournament on the popular ATP Champions Tour.
Previous world doubles number 1 and singles number 4 and nine time Grand Slam winner, Jonas Björkman is thrilled to be part of the Swedish team.
– To play along side Mats is magical for me. I was 12 when Mats won the French Open and ever since then he has been my idol and inspiration. In addition we have a common background from Växjö Tennis Club and we grew up not far from each other.
Tne Swedish team is now as the first team complete. The captains of the USA, French and Australian teams, John McEnroe, Henri Leconte and Pat Cash now have a challenging task of deciding who to their team players shall be in this Davids Cup like Tournament.
These four countries are among the giants throughout the Davids Cup history and Björkman is very positive to this new tournament format.
–       The Champions Tour is already an amazing tournament and this format will add a new dimension of excitement, which is already evident by the enthusiasm of the players involved. There is a buzz in the tennis community around this, everyone wants to join.
With the combined ranking of number one in doubles and four in singles, Björkman is one of the best allround player in history. Very few players outrank him. In singles, he has six titles and reached two grand slam semi finals (US Open 1997 och Wimbledon 2006). In doubles he won 54 titles, nine of which in Grand Slam. It is only six years since Jonas played his last match on the ATP tour. The temporary comeback became a great success when he, in pairs with Robert Lindstedt, went all the way to the final in Stockholm Open. Although it did not become a 55th title for Björkman, he showed both opponents and spectators in the Royal Hall that he was still playing at a very high level
– Nowadays I am in pretty bad shape. I kept myself in good shape until last year when I had some injuries. I reached the age where such things tend to happen, haha.
– The problem was that I was playing both padel and tennis for while and I overdid it.
After rehab last september Björkman started to training with a personal trainer and was getting stronger but then he got the flu and also pneumonia.
– I have not yet dared to go back to full training but I will step it up now and be in shape for Svaneholm Open. For me it is all about making sure I play as much tennis as possible before the tournament.
With Wilander and Björkman, Sweden musters a very strong team and McEnroe, Leconte and Cash has to try to find fellow players that will make their team match the home team lineup.
Svaneholm Open – ATP Champions Tour 2019 will be played June 26-29 at Svaneholms Slott in Skåne as a unique team tournament between four of the biggest tennis nations in history; Sweden, USA, France and Australia. Each national team consists of 2 players who have been world number one or have won a Grand Slam tournament. The opening ceremonytakes place on June 26, starting at 18.30. On 27 and 28 June, the semi-finals will be played between Sweden and France and between the USA and Australia. On Saturday, June 29, the final will be final. Both the semi-finals and the final consist of two single matches and a double match.
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