Svaneholm Castle

Svaneholm Open is located at the beautiful Svaneholm Castle, one of the region’s more interesting castle facilities.


The story of Svaneholm’s castle starts on an islet out in Svaneholmssjön, which is located in Skurup’s municipality 25 minutes east of Sweden’s third largest city, Malmö.

Svaneholm Castle began to be built in 1530. The Gothic Renaissance castle’s first owner is Mourids Jepsen Sparre, and the castle was in the possession of the Sparres family for a long time.

In the beginning of the 19th century, however, the castle took over Rutger Macklean – free-lord, politician and military.

The region of Skurup

Skurup is located in the Öresund region where Sweden and Denmark are connected with the Öresund Bridge in a growing region with well-developed infrastructure. About 3.6 million people live in the region and 20 million are just an hour’s flight away.

A lot to see

Intimate and cozy, yet close to everything. Wide sandy beaches, amazing scenery, rich culinary tradition, historical sights, proximity to two international airports where you reach a dozen countries in just one hour’s flight time.

Fast and easy to get here

From Copenhagen International Airport to the heart of Skurup it only takes about 30 minutes by train or car. Copenhagen International Airport has direct inflows from more than 120 destinations.

Even closer, just 10 minutes by car, you will find Malmö International Airport.